Why Driver iQ ?

Driver iQ is dedicated to providing accurate and timely results. We solely focus on the Transportation Industry. Driver employment verification is our core strength. Our team has years of experience in the transportation industry, with a vast knowledge base of the restrictions and compliance issues that this industry faces on a daily basis. Driver iQ is dedicated to protecting our clientele. In an industry where many our preyed upon, we help stand as the defensive line providing exceptional customer support and accurate information. We heard what leading carriers in the transportation industry want and we have sought to provide cutting edge service including richer rewards for storing data.

In Addition, we provide:

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Exemplary Client Service and Support

Driver iQ’s team strives to be your dedicated business partner by streamlining your business needs, creating solutions that are specifically designed for your company’s needs, technology, and processes. Our dedicated support team knows the transportation’s unique and we will work to manage your accounts in a manor that will streamline your HR needs, including managing driver records, providing accurate and efficient background searches and keeping up on the most recent transportation legislation that could affect your company.

All of our team is located in the USA; however, we can provide assistance in multiple languages should your company require it.

Driver iQ has an advisory board made up of trucking industry professionals who will work closely with Driver iQ to improve current services and, just as important, share information regarding current industry challenges and suggested solutions.

Driver iQ stores and re-sells employment verification information from these transportation carrier members. This product is known as a PRE(Previous Record of Employment).The PRE repository is designed to provide records of employment on CDL drivers to prospective employers in the trucking industry. Click Here for more information.

Methods used to reasonably ensure accuracy of the stored data include, but not limited to setting specific criteria for the data elements to be include in the repository, setting criteria for redacting data from the repository, setting criteria and processes for correction of potential inaccuracies as well as handling consumer disputes.

HotShot: This product is a online one-off employment verification solution available to both carriers and non-carriers providing employment verification of current and past employees. This type of verification request can be for DOT requests, as well as Non-DOT requests, including credit requests. At this time wage verification is not available.Click Here for more information.

Current Employee Retention Notification:This product is a notification system that alerts your company when a current employee’s record is requested by another company. This is a free service that is offered to any carrier that stores their records with Driver iQ. Click Here for more information.