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Commercial Driver License Information System

The CDLIS database is monitored and updated by American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). CDLIS consists of a Central Site and nodes at the Motor Vehicle Agencies (MVAs) of the 51 jurisdictions. As of February 25 2013, CDLIS had 14.6 million records, growing at an average rate of nearly 40,000 new records per month. The Central Site houses identification data about each commercial driver registered in the jurisdictions, such as:

• Name
• Date of Birth
• Social Security Number
• State Driver License Number
• AKA Information
• Current “State of Record” (SOR)

This information constitutes a driver’s unique CDLIS Master Pointer Record (MPR). Each MVA houses detailed information about each driver for which it is the SOR. This detailed information, called the driver history, includes identification information, license information, and a history of convictions and withdrawals. When a jurisdiction MVA queries CDLIS to obtain information about an applicant prior to issuing a CDL, the CDLIS Central Site compares data provided by the State Of Inquiry (SOI) against all MPRs in CDLIS. If one or more matches are returned, then the CDLIS Central Site “points” the SOI to the SOR (State of Record). The SOR can then provide the detailed information about the driver’s commercial driving history.


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