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Q. Supplemental National Criminal Information Database Search

A. Cisive conducts a search of a proprietary database that consists of 453 million current and historical arrest, felony, misdemeanor, incarceration, conviction, fugitive, escapee, absconder, and probation records on over 230 million offenders. Neither Cisive’s supplemental criminal database nor that of our competitors should be considered a “national criminal check”. When run as a standalone search this and other similar competitor databases are incomplete and not considered FCRA compliant. In the event of a hit or potential hit, Cisive ensures accuracy and FCRA compliance by taking the next step and completing a county and/or statewide search based on the preliminary hit information provided through this database.

This search is NOT intended to replace a regular county or statewide criminal search. The purpose of this search is to provide an additional level of due diligence in an effort to discover criminal activity outside the established criminal search locations.


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