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PRE (Previous Record of Employment)

Driver iQ has a proprietary CDL previous employment database with 2.6 million records (and growing). Our database expands daily due, in no small part, to the efforts of 23 the nation’s 25 largest truckload carriers. Driver iQ goes to extreme lengths to ensure the accuracy and security of the information stored.


Some of the features include:

• Work History for participating carriers’ past drivers
• Accident History and Drug and Alcohol Test History for the past 3+ years
• Additional Information (AI) Notification: Receive notifications when a change has occurred for a record you have recently received (free of charge)
• PRE meets or exceeds all FMCSA and FCRA requirements
• PRE makes it easy to pull and aggregate reports in response to FMCSA/DOT audits
• Continuous credits for the driver records stored

For a list of clients providing records, please contact Amy Bricken at 631-862-9300 ext. 694 or email [email protected].


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