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Criminal History

SafeCarrier is a standard 7 year criminal background check product that is enhanced by combining Driver iQ’s deep industry expertise, award winning customer service, advanced technology, Multi-State Criminal Database and nationwide arrest records to provide the most comprehensive, thorough search for the transportation industry. The new background check product offers quick turnaround times and cost savings as a result of Cisive’s advanced technology without compromising Driver iQ’s quality and accuracy of service.

Driver iQ conducts a federal, statewide (if available) and county level criminal/civil history check, based on the location of the listed residences for a specified period of time. Residences or names that are discovered through a credit check or social security number trace during a specified time frame can be checked at the carrier’s request. Checks can also be completed for applicant’s work or school addresses. In full adherence to state and federal law, each history includes, at a minimum, a seven-year search of:

• State/federal felony and misdemeanor records
• Reports of convictions and/or pending prosecutions
• Civil suits filed by or against the applicant
• State/federal tax liens and releases


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