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Driver iQ focuses solely on the transportation industry, and driver employment verification is our core strength. We produce accurate and timely records of employment on CDL drivers to prospective employers.

Our team has decades of experience with the transportation industry and its restrictions and compliance issues. Driver iQ is dedicated to protecting our clientele. In an industry where many are preyed upon, we are a line of defense, providing exceptional customer support and accurate information. We hear what leading carriers in the transportation industry want, and we provide.


With Driver iQ, you can expect:

More Credits for your Termination Records

Exemplary Client Service and Support


NAPBS Accreditation


We also provide:

Previous Record of Employment

Employment Verification

Current Employee Retention Notifications


How we ensure data accuracy:

• Data must meet our thorough criteria

• We review, correct and redact data as required

• Handling consumer disputes quickly and efficiently


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